nicholas nicola etchings

 Part I - Apostrophes' Cafe Exhibition

Below is a list of selected etchings from the Apostrophes' Cafe exhibition. Although there is no specific category a few works could be labelled 'Cross-Cultural.' The etchings in these lists are in the ensuing titled webpages. 

Following the lists there is a montage of photographs of the exhibition which include some of the photos from the row above and on the home page.

After the exhibition etchings there are two additional chapters that deal with the Apostrophes' Cafe and the poetic tradition of the famed Black Fez Society.




Creation of the World

Tree of Life

Pennies from Heaven

Adam & Eve

Anu Krakatau is Angry



   Australian Coast & Landscape


The Swimmer

Apostles of the Universe

Supernova. Wolli Creek

Dance of the Dead. Wolli Creek

Ulysses & the Sirens at Bronte

Sunset. Greenpatch. Jervis Bay..

Elite Restaurant

Road to Mullumbimby

Minnamurra Tree

Minnamurra Falls



  Central America


             Tikal. Guatemalan Postcard.

             Festival. Bluefields. St.Jerome’s Day.

             Guatemala Couple

             Nicaraguan Boy

             Schoolhouse. Solentiname. Lake Managua.

             The Melbourne Cup was raced on the Mexican Day of the Dead

             Voodoo Cross. Havana

             Fiesta. El Salvador





                 Speed’s Milk Bar

                Kite flying. Sydney Park. St. Peters.

             Shiva the Cricketer

             Suburban Dream

             With Water & Courage

             Zorba the Greek


             Resurrection Night

             Dancing Dolls. Kings Cross Festival

             An Angel at My Park

             Black Deaths in Custody March. Eveleigh St.





            The Angel

            The Redemption

            Luna Park


            African Mask




           Winter trees, Lithuania

           Flagpole Skater, Cannery Row

           Indian Magicians.Brunswick  Heads








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