nicholas nicola etchings


Most of the photos in this gallery more or less thematically relate to the Australian landscape and coastal etchings or were used as source images in creating them.  


Cooks River as the Five Rivers of the Underworld. 

Minnammorra Rainforest. Jamberoo. NSW South Coast.  (B&W. sepia).

Royal National Park. 

 Mougamarra Reserve. Ku-Ring-gai- National Park.


Miscellanous as well as Wolli Creek 

Light of God. Cooks River. 

Central Australia

Film stills from a Super 8 movie taken while flying over Central Australia in a Cessna. This  three minute silent film titled AMATA can be viewed on YOUTUBE:  http://youtube/TdXnG3mDZMg   

Like every other photo in this gallery please click on each image to enlarge it.

Jervis Bay. NSW South Coast. 

Fallen Angel triptych. Jervis Bay.

MiIND THE GAP triptych.  (Sydney).  Ocean surf substantially weathering and eroding rocks at the Gap.

Blue Mountains sunset triptych. 

PINNACLES. Western Australia. 

Gordons Bay & Macphersons Beach which is another small coastal enclave along the stretch of coast of the eastern suburbs of Sydney.



Recently discovered photo after many decades and which it was thought to be lost so a pleasant surprise to find it even though it has aged over the many years. Obviously it was used for White Ox which is the first etching I have ever done as a student using aquatint. 


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