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Youtube link placing a wreath at the Cenotaph for refugees for World Refugee Day June 20 2013.

On Youtube there is a photomontage video of the artist's Australian landscapes which people have liked. It is called MOTHER EARTH, FATHER SKY:




Australian Landscape & Coastal etchings


Mother Earth, Father Sky (7 minutes 46 seconds).


Description: a visual montage of 73 Australian landscape & coastal etchings by the artist set to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata interspersed with quotes from philosophers and writers such as Marcus Aurelius, Marcel Proust, Henry David Thoreau, William Blake, Herman Hesse & Jack Kerouac amongst others.


  The following youtube link is of a very short one week stay in Central Australia in the mid-nineties visiting friends working as doctor and nurse at Amata which is an Arunda community. I didn’t have a still camera at the time but only a Super 8 film camera given to me by my mother (which she bought duty free in Singapore while returning from her one and only sojourn to Cyprus after coming to Australia three decades earlier). The opening scenes on this short three minute raw footage of Super 8 film were taken from a Cessna flying over the lands between Alice Springs and Amata. (On the plane were five other Arunda women who were being transported to various communities). It is easy to see how such outback terrain from the air references so much Aboriginal Central Australian desert painting.  I hope in the future to do a series of images based on landscape scenes from this Super 8 film. I gained some understanding of the spiritual relationship that exists between the first people of this continent and the land and has had some bearing on my perception of Australia’s natural environment.


I went to visit friends at Amata Central Australia in the early nineties (it might have been 1994, I forget now the exact year) who were working as doctor & nurse & starting a small family. I flew in a Cessna from Alice Springs to the community thus the aerial shots. I stayed for a week. The film was shot on a Super 8 movie camera and recently transferred to dvd. I couldn’t help but feel while in the Cessna (which by the way had five Arunda women in the back going to different communities) looking down and seeing in the landscape the traditional patterns that one sees in Aboriginal art. Nicholas.

Cooks River short videos*




Morning River Light 1 (31 seconds)


Morning River Light 2 (13 seconds)


Description for these two videos: The light of the sun on the river as cosmos.



Morning River Light 3 (33 seconds)


Morning River Light 4 (1:01.1 minute 1 second)


Morning River Light 5 (1:01.1 minute 1 second)


Morning River Light 6 (31 seconds)


Description for these four videos: The flickering light of the river refracted/reflected on the river bank trees.






Ancient Spirits 1 (21 seconds)


Ancient Spirits 2  (6 seconds)


ancient spirits 3  (5 seconds)


Ancient Spirits 4 (27 seconds)


Description for these four videos: Strong winds whistling over the choppy, rapid grey waters of Cooks River (the last two videos show an overhanging tree or branches over the river).




* The Cooks River short videos are all raw footage and in ‘real time’ thus there has been no editing. For example like taking away background noises which some viewers may find either enhancing or distracting in this consideration of  a different way of seeing. Please note All YOUTUBE videos including Mother Earth, Father Sky are by the artist.

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