nicholas nicola etchings

This angel is based on one of the three heavenly figures of Andrey Rublyov’s‘The Trinity’ (c. 1411). Rublyov was Russia’s master iconographer. His icons have an inner spiritual psyche which strongly appeals to my Greek Orthodox sensibilities. Icons are not seen as works of art but rather as religious objects for holy worship. Icons are perceived as open ‘windows to eternity’; thus the spectator meditates on ‘heaven’ so as to allow one’s soul to transcend the mortal dimensions of this physically bound world. Hopefully, an inner revelation of the ‘Divine Love’ shall occur.At the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow I had the good fortune to see Rublyov’s ‘The Trinity.’ Yet, it was in St. Petersburg — at the Hermitage — I was especially intrigued to see a young well-heeled woman meditate and pray in front of another Rublyov icon. I found such mystical reverence quite moving and further emphasised, for me, the sublime spirituality of these beautiful religious images. It is my hope I may have also been able to convey this same sense of a ‘divine serenity’ with this particular image. I should also mention that angels are seen as messengers from God. Thank you.

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