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                                            Mangrove 1. sepia. 10cmX7cm.aquaitint. zinc plate. (Cooks River).








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             *L.I.S.A  Notes & Appendix refers to a novel written by Nicholas Nicola and not to his etchings.     







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Welcome to this website that is being developed by me so my art can reach a wider audience.This home page has been initiated on March 8, 2009.*


The following pages have images placed under chapter headings which best suit them. Printmakers will often do a series of works that follow the same general theme. For example, with my Indonesian series of six prints I look at ‘creation’ as my visit to that vast archipelago - with its active volcanoes and ancient creatures – had given me a sense of walking into a prehistoric topography that had taken me back to the ‘beginning of time.’






Recently reviewing my portfolio I have realised there is a certain autobiographical aspect to my art; with many travel images as well as prints based on where I reside: Sydney. However, there has been a recent personal trend to further study the Australian landscape as I have become increasingly aware that it too has a definitive ‘prehistoric quality.’




   Apostrophes' Cafe exhibition with the artist in second photo from left making his thank you comments and holding fez. 


         Presently, the website has seven galleries in two major sections


        The viewer may be more inclined to look into the first section which concentrates more so on the main body of work while the appendix leads the viewer into all sorts of different types of background material; other etchings and art forms and the arrangement of some of the main body of art into different categories which may help the viewer to find the images more accesible if they are interested in a particular topic e.g. a viewer from Lithuania may be solely interested in looking at images from his/her country so I have a Lithuania webpage (and also a Tibet webpage and so forth....thus I anticipate specific interests). I understand this is a large website and am trying to make it easier for the viewer to navigate around it in case he/she only has a specific interest etc. 



  • PART ONE has etchings that were in a major retrospective exhibition held at the Apostrophes' Cafe, Crown St. Surry Hills (an inner-city suburb of Sydney in the vicinity of the CBD) opened on November 24, 2005; the exhibition covered etchings produced from 1981 to 2005. Two archive pages about the Apostrophes' Cafe and the Black Fez Poetry Nights follow the etchings.
  • PART TWO has two major early works and one early minor work.
  • PART THREE mainly contains art produced since 2006 up to and including 2008.
  • PART FOUR has works also produced between 2006 and 2008 but the subject matter here deals mainly with the Australian Landscape and Coast as well as Cooks River in Sydney.
  • PART FIVE also has recent works produced from the beginning of 2009.


  • PART SIX will be a far more 'organic' section of the website which will include some prints from the Apostrophes' Cafe exhibition not in Part One but presented as 'historical archive'. Images could be grouped here in different ways such as by countries e.g. Lithuania, Tibet as well Cross-Cultural; these groupings will have pictures that will be repeated from previous categories. 
  • PART SEVEN will be another organic section and will include other art forms which I have been experimenting with so as to acknowledge that I am actually living in the 21st century such as photo essays, digital work and 'visual poetry' mainly in the manner of concrete poems.
  • NOTES will have information and visual material expanding on the earlier parts of the website. 

Many of my etchings are accompanied with text which I hope will lead the viewer to a greater appreciation of these prints; as well as helping the spectator to obtain some insight as to why I was motivated to produce each individual work.


There are also etchings which serve a secondary role of recording various 'social histories'; with several works there are also 'source' photographs. You will notice that some of these photos are not of the best quality and that is because they have aged over time or been damaged; they were never originally intended for public display.Nevertheless, I think it is of interest to include these pictorial images to see how some etchings originated from them.



THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS NOW OUT-OF-DATE. Most writing has to be reloaded to latest drafts. 




The viewer may already be suffering from information overload if he or she is actually reading everything on this introductory page; however, I have decided to include my writings which the viewer will occasionally see some extracts while reading the text to the etchings. My writings will mainly cover: short stories, poems, a novella and a novel. However, these writings serve as a sort of 'appendix' to the main thrust of this website which is the etchings. For now, there will be the following pages:

  • HOLIDAY POETRY (short stories/poems).
  • HOLIDAY IN CAMBODIA (short story).
  • DARKNESS & LIGHT A modern political allegory (novella).
  • L.I.S.A (novel).   


There are also three major essays on the website and can be found on the following pages:


  • Johnny Cash
  • Marcel Duchamp
  • The light of God      

                                                                                                                     Best regards,

                                   Nicholas Nicola (b. 1959-      ). Ciao



STOP PRESS: IMPORTANT NOTE ON THE PRESENT STATE OF OF THIS  WEBSITE [NOVEMBER 2012]: It should also be said that for now the website is an ongoing 'work in progress' that is regularly being updated so please check the sidebar to see which pages are presently available; some pages are also in a state of flux and are either not wholly finished or being refined. Also I constantly scour the website for typos so if you come across any please let me know. My only contact email is (Thanks).Furthemore, if you like the website please forward it on to your contacts and may they forward it on and so on... As you are aware it is the only way that this particular experimental needle in that enormous ephemeral haystack we know as cyberspace can be discovered. Thank you for your understanding and patience.



                                                        BOOKMARK THIS WEBSITE for future reference. Thank You.   




VIDEOS: I have recently introduced short experimental video clips and for now they can be found on the following webpages: start, found objects, pinball, light of God and NOTES.



As an example there is directly below  three short video clips titled Believe the Federal Government ( an ironic title), Wheels of Fate and Pillar of Light; the first video would be placed in the found objects webpage and the second video would be placed in the light of God webpage. All the video clips on this website are well under  a minute (some videos are as short as  20 seconds) as due to technical reasons they cannot be much longer. Thank you for your understanding. Ciao.


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Wheels of Fate.AVI Wheels of Fate.AVI
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pillar of light 3.AVI pillar of light 3.AVI
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