nicholas nicola etchings





  The two images below can be coupled together with Hades on the left and Paradise on the right. Although not clear Paradise intimates the cosmos; Hades can intimate underworld growth.   One theme for future images which I am slowly working towards to conjure is to look at the underlying notion of a 'matrix' which helps to formulate the Universe and nature itself. Recently I have been reading Descartes to further consider this idea.  Yet in regards to these two images the long columns or dark spaces ( depending on one's point of view or interpretation) originated from figure sketches from a life drawing class. Limbs have been 'torn asunder' to make the cosmic limbs in both images. The cosmos is the measure of reality not humanity as intimated by Leonardo's Vitruvian Man which has the universe in scale to the proportioned measurements of this perfect human figure. Humanity is now displaced and not only is it longer in the centre of all things but is even 'swallowed' by the vastness of a cosmic eternity. It is time to re-evaluate ourselves in nature and all that is eternally  beyond... 



Images from left to right:


 15.5"  X 11.5"  (A3 size). sepia. sugarlift. aquatint. zinc plate.  


15.5" X 11.5"  (A3 size). B&W. sugarlift. aquatint. zinc plate. 


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