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This webpage is not yet fully constructed but for the moment will include PDF Downloads - that can be acquired at a nominal price - of some selected images that are otherwise not available due to the unavailability of etching plates. As it is the viewer can see below some available PDF Downloads. Downloads of other images may be considered and in the meanwhile if there is an image/s of which you would like to obtain then mention this to the artist. Furthermore, for further information feel free to also email the artist. 



Below is a list of present available downloads. Watch this list in the eventuation of it being constantly updated:

IMAGES WHOSE PLATES ARE UNAVAILABLE:  Looking Into the Future, Angel at my Park, White Ox, Speed's Milk Bar non gratis, Fiesta, Voodoo Cross, River Uzupis non gratis, Cosmos


IMAGES WHERE UPON IT IS ALSO POSSIBLE TO OBTAIN A UNIQUE ORIGINAL ETCHING: Eagle Rock non gratis, Nida non gratis, Shiva the Cricketer, Perry Keyes Between the Posts non gratis, Adam & Eve non gratis,



1. IMAGE. Below are the pdf downloads of etchings that are not available for printing due to the poor quaity or unavailability of the etching plate. The viewer will see the title and a picture of the image and the Buy Now button immediately below  title/picture is for that image. Press the button to begin the purchase process. Thank You.

  • no watermarks - there are no watermarks on the images in these downloads.
  • centering - some images are centred into the middle of  the page so as to make it more convenient for framing.

2. TEXT. With each image download the text that also accompanies it on the webpage will also be provided on another A4 page. The writing can be printed out on regular A4 white paper.



The standard price of each download is: $US 1.25. 

If you wish the artist to download for you and print out on suitable acid free quality paper for a more authentic look and to also title/sign it * :  $US 5.50 plus postage costs. **

If you choose this option please email the artist to let him know which print/s you desire.

*The common practice is to place the title and signature directly underneath the bottom border of the image in pencil.


PRINTER - inkjet/colour laser.

The generakl wisdom is that an inkjet printer is first preference to print out an image although a colour laser printer can also do an excellent job. However, I have discovered that it sometimes depends on the image itself as sometimes a colour laser produces a sharper or a more subtle result than an inkjet printer and vica versa. In general it can be said that different gradations of colour and other variable visual effects occur depending on the type of printer and paper that is used. It should be made clear that it is near impossible with any printing to obtain exactly the same look of an image as to how it appears on screen.  However, a similiar enough appearance is achievable. 



Normal A4 paper is adequate for printing purposes yet it is much better to obtain a high quality art paper which can be purchased from an art supply shop. In Australia it is possible to purchase such art paper for below 50 cents so it is relatively inexpensive. In my testing of this procedure I have bought A4 art paper which produces a pleasing enough result. The paper should not be too textured as this can affect the print out with blemishes appearing. The viewer may also wish to obtain cream or grey coloured paper to suit the image but white is fine. Digital photographic paper should also be okay but for printing out etchings matt is preferable to gloss as etchings are of a 'matt'  appearance.  

Some A4 art papers that one may consider include:






The above papers do have a minimum textured surface; more textured papers worth a try include:




The A4 paper webpage of the following website  has all of the above papers and others; the website is of an art paper shop in Enmore, Sydney. Australia. However, there are other shops which also have papers (in Newtown, Sydney the art shop Modern Times also has a range of art papers) and if you are so inclined you may want to also try hand made papers. I believe there are also papers that are specifically made for digital prints.

I  should add that A4 photocopy paper is adequate and actually produces a good result. However, the above art papers tend to be acid free so they should be longer lasting than regular A4 paper which is also only 80 gsm.  

Finally it should be mentioned that acid free art paper from an A4 sketchbook is also useful and economic to utilize.



These download images can be printed out onto A4 size paper. Thus some works are not actual size as in the original but have been sized down to fit onto A4. Otherwise every attempt has been made to produce the print to actual size. Yet once you have the pdf file it can be manipulated and changed around; if you have access to a printer (or go somwhere where there is access) that can print on paper larger than A4 it should be possible to do a larger printout with the available pdf file. Those prints that have been downsized to fit onto A4 paper will be noted with this information. 



I should add that - if you were asking for my opinion - no etching - whether it be an exquisite original or a digital fascimile reproduction - looks really 'complete' until it is beautifully framed; that I can guarantee.



Below you may download 'Eagle Rock' (B&W), 'Nida' (sepia) and Speed's Milk Bar (B&W) as well as other etchings. If you are exceptionally curious try different printer/s and paper/s and see if there is any substantial difference in the results; it is for this reason that I am only charging a nominal price (which includes administrative costs to Payloadz) as 100% satisfaction cannot be guaranteed  - such is the incredibly subjective nature of art; thus at a minimum cost a person is taking a well educated risk. However, I do feel that in 99% of cases the viewer will be satisfied with the print. In any case, appropriate feedback is welcome. Ciao. 

  • It should be emphasised that when a reproduction is printed on appropriate art paper and with a good printer the level of the art can be considered to be above the level of a photocopy).
  • What is also interesting with the download you acquire is that once you copy and paste it to into another document you may want to heighten the constrast or even brighten or sharpen the image if you feel it needs some refining. It  becomes a matter of personal taste ( consider the fact that photograhic images of artworks all look slightly diferent fom each other and even an original artwork  takes on a different hue depending on the time of day it is viewed).
  • Although an original etching is preferable I actually came across this idea of a digital print out when I found out that an etching that a friend wanted couldn't be manually printed due to the detioration of a plate. 

** The writing is also in this download but will be printed out on normal A4 paper unless it is specifically requested (otherwise add $1US for the writing page to be on featured acid free A4 art paper).


non gratis

EAGLE ROCK. Royal National Park 

EagleRock.pdf EagleRock.pdf
Size : 0.242 Kb
Type : pdf



Nida..pdf Nida..pdf
Size : 0.275 Kb
Type : pdf

RIVER. Uzupis.


river uzupis.pdf river uzupis.pdf
Size : 0.186 Kb
Type : pdf

 SPEED'S MILK BAR  (Downsized to fit on A4).

Size : 0.439 Kb
Type : pdf

Perry Keyes Between the Posts


PerryKeyes.pdf PerryKeyes.pdf
Size : 0.316 Kb
Type : pdf

Sierre Leone Queens (Downsized to fit on A4)


sierre leone.pdf sierre leone.pdf
Size : 0.224 Kb
Type : pdf

Adam & Eve


Adam&Eve.pdf Adam&Eve.pdf
Size : 0.216 Kb
Type : pdf




LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE  (Downsized to fit on A4)




WHITE OX  (Downsized to fit on A4)




VOODOO CROSS (Downsized to fit on A4) 




Shiva the Cricketer



"If Marcel Duchamp was alive today he would probably mock the bourgeoise art market by selling his 'readymades' on e-bay....the same could be said of Andy Warhol with his silkscreenprint soup cans..."      


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