nicholas nicola etchings




                                                                                   68   Russian Shaman

                                                              B&W. 6”X4” plastic plate. M. N/A.


This image is based on a full size model of a Russian shaman from Siberia in the Ethnographic Museum in St. Petersburg. As I see artist as shaman I am very intrigued by the role of the shaman who often serves as a human conduit between the spirit and material. Wassily Kandinsky (the great Russian painter of the first half of the twentieth century) was also very much interested in the ethnography of Siberia and his so called abstract paintings are often filled with shaman patterns and symbols.






In this image which references mythology (and seems appropriate enough to place here - I hope you agree) we see a busker as a god at Circular Quay who has dressed up two admiring passers-by in similar fashion.



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