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rhythm of life    cooks river IV    

This page has the following finished work and other images which look at the same theme but are either still being developed or are simply 'experiments'. I often 'forage' around with different approaches that I otherwise would not consider on the plate thinking what would this or that look like and although many a time it is not successful such experiments can lead to something interesting 'down the line...'.   The notion of life as rhythm comes from looking at Cooks River and seeing the general sense of pattern in the vegetation beside the water such as in the bushes and mangroves; coupled with my readings of Kandinsky whose work to me sometimes has the sense of capturing the underlying structure of nature as if depicting the sub-atomic particles of reality that can be perceived under a microscrope.  

  • rhythm of life
  • rhythm of life - state 1                    N/A
  • rhythm of life - ramba - state 1     N/A                                   

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110  Rhythm of Life

10cmX7cm. B&W. sugarlift. aquatint. zinc plate.                       S



Rhythm of Life                                                                  S  N/A

state 1       10cmX7cm. B&W. sugarlift. aquatint. zinc plate.     

Rhythm of Life                                                                          S  N/A

'Ramba'  state 1   10cmX7cm. B&W. sugarlift. aquatint. zinc plate.




i                                                                                            ii


iii                                                                                           iv

Rhythm of Life - here we see life's rhythms reduced down to rows of squares and lines which is in direct reference to Kandinsky and to the Suprematist approach of Malevich and the Constructivists. However, I do not feel I have been too successful - except maybe in a very abstract sense - but at a later stage will consider other approaches.  


first state

This etching is the first state of the first rhythm of life etching (117). Another layer was placed on top to further represent the thin trunks and branches of the river vegetation.


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