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In relation to the Speeds Milk Bar etching (found on the Sydney webpage) here are a few images of pinball machine 'icons' and a smattering of video clips taken at the Pinball Expo May 2009 at Petersham Town Hall Sydney frequented by the artist and friend. In terms of popular culture one could say pinball machines embodied a particular shared community spirit that seems to be disappearing in our ever highly technologised gadget society. As I read in an article - or heard in a news item - people would gather around a pinball machine to watch each other play and talk etcetera while that would not happen today with Playstation. On a more 'artistic level' one could consider a pinball machine as the 'ultimate' in installation art. We also see on every pinball icon a window into our popular social history as we see many television shows and blockbuster movies portrayed. Seeing so many pinball machines in the one place was more than just a walk down memory lane but also a walk akin to being in a modernist art gallery showing to its audience the mass cultural history of the latter half of the twentieth century which has Hollywood as its main epicentre (and in the Australian context there is also the social  influence of English popular culture) ; pinball machine imagery as supreme Pop Art.   

The white labels show the auction number for each pinball machine. Note that the first pinball machine image is Moulin Rouge.

















































playing pinball.wmv playing pinball.wmv
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Space Invaders Advance.wmv Space Invaders Advance.wmv
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Space Hands.wmv Space Hands.wmv
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She plays well.AVI She plays well.AVI
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