nicholas nicola etchings

 Part Two

In this section are two early major works which I hold in very high regard. I also include one early minor work; with a poem included in the supporting text.


Both of the major works involved the use of an etching technique known as aquatint. Aquatint involves sprinkling powder rosin particles through a mesh onto the metal etching plate. The plate is then gradually heated on top of a hot plate. The rosin particles melt. Once the plate has cooled it is placed into an acid bath and the acid eats away into the tiny dots of uncovered space between the melted rosin so as to create an overall tone on the plate. The darkness of the tone depends on how long the plate is left in the plate but an even very dark deep tone is often desired; in White Ox  this is what is achieved. However, the plate may even be covered with stop-out at different times while the plate is taken in and out of the acid so as to create different tones and uneven effects can also be achieved;  this is what happens in Looking Into the Future.   

Two Early Major Works

White Ox

Looking Into the Future

Early Minor Work

Fire eater



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