nicholas nicola etchings

 cooks river offcuts

 The following etchings are 'impressions' that maybe further redone at a later stage. The majority of these  prints are from plastic plates. I have been experimenting with plastic to see what can be done with it and just so happened was using Cooks River as subject matter.


Dante's Beatrice at Cooks River.

B&W. 4"X3". zinc plate.

The image is of a freind who often jogs with a big floppy red hat which reminds me of medieval headgear. Thus as she runs around a large river curve it has allowed me to pretend that I am in Tuscany.

Riverbank. Cooks River. B&W. 2,5"X 1". plastic plate.

 Fallen Angel. Cooks River. 1"X2.5" B&W. plastic drypoint.

Cooks River silhouette. B&W. 5"X4". plastic plate. 

Simply an exercise in 'sketching' positive and negative space.



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