nicholas nicola etchings

 off-cuts 2006-2009


Delphic Oracle. B&W. 4"X4". plastic plate.

This print is based on a friend who used to work at a community nursery and who I would visit on most Saturday mornings. Under the large leafy trees in conversation with her I sometimes felt I was visiting the Delphic Oracle when she would very often make astute remarks about human nature. 


 Australian Fuhrer. B&W. 6"X4". copperplate. The image is based on John Heratfield's satirical photomontage of Adolf Hitler.


 SARK, (An English Channel Island). B&W. 1"X2". copperplate. My young nephew and niece say when you turn this island on its side and it looks like a magic lantern.




Trish. B&W. 3"X1" plastic plate. A very wizened, compassionate Thai teacher's aide to ESL students - here on a city excursion.




Slide guitar. Glebe. etching: B&W. 5"x4". zinc plate. Source photo underneath.






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