nicholas nicola etchings

early offcuts  1981-2005

These are early works which I chose not to include in the main body of the website pages but for archival reasons now present them as part of my overall ouevre. In general, artists often have works that they prefer to keep out of public view and scattered amongst the whole off-cut series there are a few very poor quality images that may not normally be displayed but - for now - I have decided to show them anyway. Its interesting to mention that I have a pile of plates which I consider to be abject failures which is almost as high as the pile of plates which I consider to be successful. Yet, if is often from the failures some lesson or piece of knowledge is obtained that aids the artist in some later effort. Lastly, there is also the realisation that an image has value to an individual if it serves as a mental trigger to a significant personal memory or siginificant idea or pyschological mood, no matter how bad the technical quality of the image is.



Sydney Harbour Bridge. ('Birthday Party. 5" X 5". Black on grey paper. zinc plate.

An image I gave to people at a birthday party of mine.



Nic's house. 1.5"X1". B&W. Zinc plate. I gave this etching out to people at a housewarming party. (People who know my place will note the lack of native trees in this etching. Unlike now as the house can hardly be seen. Although it is a hanfy oasis for the local native birds).









This house is in Riley St.Surry Hills and friends lived here. There is actually a beautiful, serene cattle dog at the front of the place named Jessie. 


Surry Hills Markets. B&W. 10"X8". zinc plate.


     Birthday Martyr. Managua. B&W. 8"X5". zinc plate.  


   Linda and Kristina. 4"X5". B&W. zinc plate.

     Solarization basket pattern. B&W. 6"X4". copperplate. 


   Garden Island at Night. 8"X6". B&W. zinc plate. This wrok is particularly not successful but it was my first attempt to try and capture an atmospheric night mood. 


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