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 Cooks River

Below are images based on Cooks River which is a natural feature in the locale where I reside (in Sydney). Along with the etchings are photo essays and sketches.

  • kandinsky tree
  • it will pass...   
  • hades                N/A
  • beulah
  • paradise            N/A

All these prints are M size   small (S) medium (M0 large (L) extra large (XL)          






                          ‘Kandinsky Tree.’

                                           ‘B&W. 6”X4”. copperplate. Cooks River. M








                           ‘It Will Pass…’

                                   B&W. 6”X4”. copperplate. Cooks River. M

Walking beside the calm water I imagine the ceaseless flowing river in Herman Hesse’s Siddartha with its ‘thousandfold song’…the river’s voice of experience is full of both sadness & desire; yet the current is always heading towards its goal…thus I silently consider how any personal tribulation can eventually be overcome by entwining – in this existence – one’s mental, spiritual and physical self with or to an over-riding, life-enhancing sense of a perfect ‘eternal unity.











                                              B&W. 6”X4”. copperplate. Cooks River triptych. M. N/A.






                                                B&W. 6”X4”. copperplate.Cooks River triptych. M


Beulah is in reference to a tranquil nocturnal world devised by William Blake which I pass off here as an idea purgatory; like sleep can be for us between night and day.








                                             B&W. 6”X4”. copperplate.Cooks River triptych. M. N/A.






Cooks River – other art mediums.









 sepia ink drawing




 Cooks River as the Five Rivers of the Underworld.

 From top left; top right; middle left; middle right; to bottom:


Acheron: in Ancient Greek mythology this ‘river of woe’ flowed through Hades. Shades would be ferried across these waters by Charon.

Cocytus: in Ancient Greek mythology, Hades’ ‘river of lamentation’, along whose banks the unburied would wander.

Lethe: in Ancient Greek mythology, drinking this river’s pure waters resulted in forgetting all sorrow.

Phlegethon:  in Ancient Greek mythology this is the river of fire which burns but does not consume.

 Styx: in Ancient Greek mythology this river flowed in between the world of the living and the Underworld.






Cooks River as cosmos with sunlight reflected as stars of Heaven’s Paradise.







                              light of paradise                                    light of God



river water


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