nicholas nicola etchings

cooks river

Below are two series of triptychs both following the same 'divine comedy' theme. Furthermore, taking an interest in the 'minitaue' of nature is a 'by-product' of looking at the life and art of the American artist Georgia OKeefe. (Not so much her style more so her attitude...).

  • paradise' (star plant)
  • purgatory (row of trees as waiting souls)
  • hades  (twisted tree)
  • satellite plant
  • trees waiting on the fringe of paradise          N/A
  • tree with suffering souls

All S size small S medium M large L extra large XL 



111  Paradise        

112  Purgatory

113  Hades

114  Satellite Plant 

115  Trees Waiting on the Fringe of Paradise     N/A

116  Tree with Suffering Souls


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