nicholas nicola etchings

The Birth of Zeus

Ancient Greek legend has it that Zeus was saved from being devoured by his father the Titan Cronus by Rhea his mother who used a disguised rock to replace him. When Cronus swallowed the rock he did not suspect anything. Rhea secretly gave birth to her son in Crete. Cronus ate his children as he had been forewarned that one of them would attempt to dethrone him. As it turned out it was Zeus who achieved this feat to become lord over all the other gods. Thus I have Zeus as this grand rock which appears to be emerging from the waters off Nielson Park in the harbour at Sydney. 



                                                          112  The Birth of Zeus

                                                   B&W. 6"X4". sugarlift. aquatint. zinc plate.           M




Nielson Park rock.




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