nicholas nicola etchings

Australian Landscape & Coast

These are images done between 2006 and 2008 and show how I have developed an increasing interest in the Australian terrain.

  • fallen angel. shelley beach. cronulla.
  • well of life. cronulla
  • fallen angel. shelley beach. cronulla.
  • rockface.coledale.
  • misty bluffs.coledale.
  • coledale. early morning.
  • eagle rock. royal national park. N/A
  • curramoors. royal national park. N/A
  • angel rock. gordons bay.
  • rings of time. gordons bay.
  • emergence of life. gordons bay
  • cosmos. gordons bay. N/A
  • bronte. N/A

             All M size except for bronte which is S.

           small S medium M large L extra large XL not available N/A   






                            ‘Fallen Angel.’


                                                 B&W. 6”X4”.  copperplate. Shelley Beach. Cronulla. M


This image - along with the other two Cronulla etchings  -  are based on a series of sketches  I did while walking around to Shelley beach.




                           ‘Well of Life’


                                             B&W  6”X4”. copperplate.Cronullla. M


I was attracted by this large dark hole in this rock formation that I came across on the way to Shelley Beach at Cronulla. Residing within it the sea water- that undulated around the contours of the rocks, shaping them. Movement; life within a still darkness.





                           ‘Fallen Angel.’ Shelley beach. Cronulla,


                                               B&W. 6”X4”. copperplate. M                        








                                               B&W. 6”X4”. copperplate. Coledale triptyvh.  M







                           'Misty  Bluffs.’


                                              B&W.  6”4”. copperplate. Coledale triptych. M







                           ‘Coledale.’ Early Morning.


                                               6”X4”. copperplate.Coledale triptych  M


Translucent immaterial, unseen light filtering over the texture of hard, dark form: this notion is what first came to my mind when I produced this image of this stretch of the Coledale cliff face at sunrise. The constant contrast of light and dark is a subconscious element which we are always aware of in our primal memory. I was staying, one weekend, long ago, at a friend-of-a-friend’s spacious light-filled house in Coledale; to wake up early one Sunday morning, and in the meditative silence did a series of sketches of the large protruding misty coal cliffs directly behind me. I have an ambition to capture the rather unique interplay that seems to exist to me between the spiritual and the earth (re: ‘earthiness’) that bears over the Australian terrain, especially in the bush. This work is one attempt towards this quest.  A friend once commented to me that the light areas reminded her of Stonehenge and I could immediately recognise what she meant by this remark (and the connection that also exists between spirit and earth in this noble megalith structure with its monumental strutting lintel & pillar rings of weighty ‘cairns’). The Australian landscape – in particular this enormous length of rock - also as megalith. I very much like that. Coledale








                          ‘Eagle Rock.’

                                               B& W. 6” X 4”. copperplate. Royal National Park. Mt. Purgatory I. M N/A

I look at this cliff as an outcrop of Mt. Purgatory. Such is the way the mind wanders while resting during a long bushwalk. To also imagine that on top of this rock face may have once laid Prometheus; chained by Zeus for giving humanity the gift of fire. His liver was eaten away everyday by an eagle; finally the ‘fire-giver’ was rescued by Hercules. The hope of all the purgatorial: from unbearable endurance can come eternal release. 





                                               B&W. 6”X4”. copperplate. Royal National Park. Mt. Purgatory II. M N/A







‘                                                Angel Rock.’

                                                B&W. 6”X4” copperplate. Gordons Bay tryptich. M

 This is a strange rock at Gordons Bay. It juts out of the rocks near the beach and has always fascinated me. I like going to Gordons Bay as it is a tranquil spot squeezed in amidst the more crowded areas of Sydney’s eastern suburbs coastline. There is always the space to be alone. A person can pretend they are many miles down the coast and for me – in my own offbeat way of thinking – often feel that this enclosed coastal spot is not only paradise but a microcosm of the whole universe. I have done many sketches here with this somewhat ‘cosmic’ attitude in mind. Thus it is appropriate to find an angel in this bay.



                             ‘Rings of Time.’

                                                 B&W. 6”X4”. copperplate. Gordons Bay tryptich. M





                           ‘Emergence of Life.’

                                               B&W. 6”X4”. copperplate. Gordons Bay tryptich. M






                                               B&W.6”X4”. copperplate Gordons Bay. M. N/A.

                                               Within this rock one can view countless corpuscles of the universe.








                                    sepia. 2cm X 6 cm. copperplate. S. N/A





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